Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arianna Ramirez

Arianna is 5. She lives near Memphis TN. I heard about Arianna Sunday from Joni. Joni and her family have been coming to our church- and her husband is in the military. While living on the military base near Memphis, her family met and became friends with Arianna's family. When Arianna was 3- she battled brain cancer- she was given chemo treatments and had surgery and her ATRT went into remission. On a recent scan- her Doctor confirmed her cancer is back. And this time it has spread to her spine. Arianna loves Christmas- and they are celebrating earlier this year. The prognosis has yet to be determined. And she could very well lose her sight, altogether. I ask you to pray- God is the great physician and is abilities far oversee what any Doctor has expected. Also, please pray for her to be comfortable. As a show of support- we at Calvary Baptist have put up a Christmas Tree, decorated in pink- Arianna's favorite color- and gray- the color for brain cancer awareness. If you feel led to do it- I encourage you to put your tree up. Post pics of it on Facebook to share her story. Even better- I want an outpouring of Christmas cards to be delivered to Arianna. Handmade- store bought- computer generated. I ask you to mail your cards to her. With thoughts of hope and support- prayers and love- to a girl you have never met- because she could be your daughter. She loves pink and loves to play dress up. And she has a terrible cancer. Her parents have put together a "bucket list" for her- and if your heart leads you to- send them a cash donation. In the words of her Mom- they only have one chance- let's encourage a sweet girl who is fighting a battle we cannot even comprehend.
Ari was featured on the Today Show in November of 2009
Donate online through pay-pal!

Her mailing address is 7193 Chena Bay Lane Cordova TN 38018

Please and Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little something you may NOT know about me that MAY cause you to giggle.

Ok-So seriously. I cook dinner every night. Well, most nights. Ok- nearly every night except Wednesdays. And Thursdays. And some Tuesdays.

But I do cook and do a pretty mediocre job of it. My brother thinks I am a good cook, but he still lives with my Mom- and his girlfriend is an EXCELLENT cook- and .. I digress. Some people say I am a great cook. Others, eh.

But I do misunderstand a few things about cooking. My husband and I were invited to a work party- when Dr. Stansbury was my boss. Everyone was making party things- I was asked to make a cheese dip.. (of some sort- I cannot remember) I know it called for Velveeta and at the time I thought that was just a name brand cheese. Kinda like Kraft. Or Laughing cow.. not the case. Needless to say- my dip was THICK and not too great. You could lump it on a chip, but not dip it at all.

I did it again over the 4th of July. Said brother's girlfriend has a great and easy recipe for Apple Pie. And I am such a bad listener. I did not remember what she said she used to the criss cross top so I used Fillo dough. Oops. The topping was "sheet-like" and crunch. Like a cracker. Not great.


Tag this one as "does not follow directions" :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer, summer, summertime!

I did it again. "Create Blog" instead of "New Post". Wow-o-wow.

So. Here we are again. I have a lot to catch you up on. Our family is back at square one with the moving/seminary school thing. Our renter family backed out, and I can't help but praise God-

1. It is all to his honor, anyway.
2. I love our home and our situation, so staying is not painful for me! :)
3. God's time is the best. Maybe there is a new plan that is better that we don't know!
4. I have had a blast meeting some new friends and neighbors this year through Kynsi's kindergarten year.
5. Kynsi got into the "Gifted Education" program at NES.
6. I love my parents, but now we won't be moving into their house. :)

There is a lot going on with us, as usual.

Right now we are the midst of an amazing (and exhausting) 6 night Revival at our Church with the good Dr. D.M. Hardison (seen below with 1 Kynsi Lane)

..and while it has been nothing short of awesome-- we don't finish until 9 PM(I know- as a Baptist, I am not supposed to care..) We are all tired.

Kynsi finished Kindergarten yesterday. Hooray for Summer Vaca! She graduated from Kindergarten!

So at least that pesky necessity "School" is out of the way! :)

We will have a bit of a week off- Kyns will be spending the days at a VBS at a neighborhood Church with one of her sweet girlfriends- and then! The week of the 27th, our BIG APPLE VBS week starts! :) THEN- JULY 1 is Luke's 1st Birthday- the 7th is my Dad's birthday- the 9th is my Kynsi's birthday (and the event that is the double Carnival birthday- complete with jumparoo and PONY!!) and then Mom's birthday. Whew.

All that. I insisted B and I order the party supplies and all the presents for said birthdays- to preserve my own sanity.

I am craft girl-- my fav job of VBS- so organizing all that is a trip.

That is really all! Just that.

What is YOUR fav part of VBS?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thumbs up Thursday

I logged on to blogger and can I say- it is amazing how God calls things to my attention- I am rejoicing- long story short- had a Luke scare last night and went to the ER- we are treating him and things are going to be fine and great- but this scare gave me a glimpse into the world of Moms who have babies that get sick.

And how wonderfully strong are they?

And how wonderfully does God equip them?

I am so wonderfully relieved --that I think I may have taken my healthy children for granted. Not anymore.

I am JOYOUS in this day that brings new mercy. I am happy over-the-top about the blessed life I have. Pitts looked at me last night in the waiting room and asked what we do if this happened to Luke and we were in Africa?

Whoa- hello Perspective. Hello, All powerful God.

SO-- thumbs up Thursday! Healthy babies are on the top of my mind now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My blog entry from yesterday disappeared.

So this one won't be as good as the real one-- but here goes!

I will start with my personal season of social network detox.

It was pretty amazing- I decided to forgo the status updates and in general random updates for additional time in the Word. How amazing was that- As opposed to checking status updates- I grabbed some Lord talk. I was up and in the word faster than you can say "facebook" :) I started a new bible study in Esther with a Beth Moore workbook and have LOVED it. I still crept up on blogger-- I have enjoyed posts too much to miss some of that goodness. And even in those- I was able to store a Word that was renewing. And in short- it helped me to concentrate on that pure something.
Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.

That thing.

Then there was Resurrection Sunday. I had so much fun at church with the whole fam and then a too-big dinner and outside time playing. Wonderful day.

Our LADIES CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING. Lara brought me so much. Like, me. Personally. I was schooled and loved EVERY second. (I have an idea about approaching another dear Sister about another day..) I spend portions of my day NOW claiming those promises. Loving them and being renewed by them.

Let's take it to church.

THERE'S NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH... (15 times.. I'll let you do that on your own.. bring it.)

And then my Mother's day- Ladies- let's hear it for the nap. And the pedicure package my Babies got me. :) Love.

And a final wrap up. The Pitts fam is still seeking to fulfill God's will for us. Whatever that may be. Pray for us? The house is still up for sale- and we are still looking and praying for a buyer. The stress is amazing- but to let it overcome us is to confess that our Lord is not mighty. And that is one thing you will never hear LPitts say.

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here it is!

Well, I know is has been too long since I posted because I couldn't find the "new post" button.

Where do I even begin?

My personal season of time off from social media was amazing. Instead of hitting the FB icon on my berry- I hit the Bible one before I got up. As opposed to checking for new statuses I checked for a new word. And I got one. It was such a wonderful break. I thought I might have had some withdrawals- but not really. The time flew by- I did miss some birthdays and some pregnancy announcements- but I had a great alone time- and spend more time in CONVERSATION with Brandon. So much so- that I think he was glad when I DID log back on and SHUT UP! :)

I did miss twitter- I tend to get my news there- I HATE to watch TV- I never seem to have time to sit down and when I do I spend the majority of it with my finger on the mute/power button to, at a moment's notice- save my children's eyes/ears. Twitter is better for me, and much better filtered. (insert plug for twitter followers)

I did cheat- and logged on here to read and occasionally comment- but it was not as consuming as usual.

We had a FANTASTIC ladies' conference. Such a rich time of worship and communing with our ladies! I couldn't BELIEVE how fast the time went by! If you are not familiar with Lara, please click You will thank me. And even subscribe to her blog posts in your email- make use of those smartphones! I am hoping to plan a smaller scale event soon, and I have an amazing women in mind.. :)

As for our family--

You know we have been in a time of transition. The house has been for sale for 2 months as we seek to discern God's will. I know- the church talk- :)- his timing is perfect. I know it is. The time in between is the hard time. I trust in his will ever faithfully- because to show doubt is to doubt his might. (I learned that fully at our conference- knowledge in action!) Please keep us in your prayers- the time is fast approaching to make a decision. We are expected to move in July 15 and he is expected in class in August. West Va is a big step for us. One that excites us- but we don't want it for ourselves unless God intends it for us.

But you know me..

Hope to hear your thoughts.

Friday, March 18, 2011


This may be cheating- but I thought you should know. In my personal season of Lent- I have decided to stay off facebook and twitter until Easter. I labeled it social media- and in that endeavor I guess I have to stay off blogger. But- at this point- in this site- I can commune and glean from those Christian women that I learn so much from. SO- blogger is at 50% participation- and OTHER social is at a negative percent. I even uninstalled the apps from my bb- to strongly resist the click urge. :) So- I will be back in action on the 24th. In the meantime- drop me an email of encouragement.

How silly it is to sacrifice a nonexistent thing in light of God's sacrifice for me.
All praise to my Lord and Savior-

Friday, March 4, 2011


Too exhausted to spell check. Luke is 24 hour teething. For more updates- follow me on twitter. EllePea52983-

Will check back when I can get right.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's talk about..

Controlling my tongue.

Yes, me.

In particular.

Psalm 34.13 - Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile..

Is it so hard? Yes. Mostly. I mean, mostly for me.. many of my sweet Christian girlfriends- I cannot even imagine guile from their mouths.

But me?


Word? Judges?

OK- so I made that one up- but you know what I mean. But, can I be honest? It is not a tongue problem so much for me as it is a pride problem.

I feel like if someone is attacking me, that I have to attack back! If someone has aught against me- I need some aught back.


So that is my new prayer!

Lord- you wonderful heavenly Father. You are gracious and holy- and I am unworthy and nothing without you. I cannot even begin to fathom the works you have for me. Please minimize me and my sin and tendencies and maximize you in my life. Make you increase, that I may decrease- take my pride, Lord! I have nothing to be proud of other than what YOU have done in ME, and I cannot even claim any credit in that. It is all what you have done- and I have been blessed enough to be in your plan- in your almighty awareness. And get me out of the way of that- because all I do is ruin it. In your Son's name- and thank you for that- Amen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Look what I can do/When did that building fall down?

I found the new post button with relative ease!

How easily I can be discouraged! Glad Paul had Silas and not LP in jail.


haha! I posted a pic. And I love that one. I may do the pics more often. I digress.

I love to plan. And I love lists. But when I write these things, I write them with pen. (this is kinda an analogy) And I should write them with pencil. One that has a huge eraser. And I need to work on growing my faith! Isn't that the root of discouragement? No faith?!


Be prepared. This one will make you crazy.

We live in a deeply rural area. So rural- that is is past the rural area close to us. There are lots of fields, houses barns, that have been long since abandoned. When we get ready for church- it is a PROCESS. So about the first 15 minutes of our 40 minute ride to church- I stare. Out my window and unwind. Prepare. Veg- whatever you want to call it. Quiet time. Off in the distance I always see a barn. Traditional in shape- and when my mind wanders, I think about the barn. how did it get abandoned? What's the story? This has been a focal point for me for about 2 years. Last weekend- as we passed by it- I realize. One side of the barn has collapsed. Demolished. History. El Fin. What happened? It happened SO SUDDENLY!

But- it didn't.

That barn had been rotting for a while. From the inside out- it probably started with an innocent rainstorm. Some sun- some time went by- with no repair- probably rained again- then, maybe some snow accumulated on the roof, probably- some more rain. Maybe- a really harsh hot, dry summer. Some more rain, a little more snow. Maybe a rainstorm- still no repair- small mundane things, and then years of that and BAM.

There goes the barn.

What am I neglecting in my life? Slowly? Not noticeable on a daily basis.. What is slipping by? What is ignored and rotting away? What is not cultivated? What is not nurtured and protected? What is slipping by me? What is pushed off to the side to be picked up another time? Or not..?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twin the Fish

When Mckynsi turned 3 we had just moved into our house. Like, her birthday party was an open house for all of our friends to see it. At that point- her Pappy (Pitts's Dad) gave her a fish tank with like, 5 fish. Two were identical and were both coined "Twin". Many fish have come and gone..(ha ha-sorry- bad humor) and Twin- (one of the two) has thrived. We think Twin nips at other fish. And it is no longer pretty- fish don't age well. Twin is pretty translucent and Twin is kinda ugly. (I am trying to stay away from masculine and feminine pronouns) But Twin is kicking around.

The other day it was definitely time to clean the fish tank. We kinda let this task fall to the wayside-- due to the yuckiness of it. And Twin is so resilient at this point that we can just pour in new water and Twin is fine with it. Well, Twin is a bit cranky, but I will get to that.

So whilst cleaning- I broke Ubertwitter when I was having this thought. Unrelated. But Twin is ungrateful. I cleaned Twin's tank, Twin's slimy castle and hiding spot plants, Twin's tunnel and all Twin's related items. Ew. And you know, as badly as I wanted to bleach it out- you can't do that with fish. That will ruin their day. And life.

And while I got slime on me, and had to TOUCH Twin to get Twin out of Twin's tank-- it was gross and Twin was yuck, as was Twin's things- I couldn't help but think-- follow me here-- as I swim through this world and get all the slime of sin on me, that God cleans me out- no matter how ungrateful I am all the time. If I was grateful- I'd swim above the current. I'd stay out of the muck.

But I sink, into the muck, time and again. Me and Twin- Ungrateful and sludgy- the only difference is-- it is OK for Twin.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitter or Better

Boy, was I ever down last time we talked.. God threw me a lifeline.

Praise God, huh? I don't think you, I or my husband could have taken anymore of that "Why God?" stuff.

More like.. Why not, God? -- Why doesn't it happen more prevalently? God is so good, is why. I am not downplaying or pretending it doesn't happen elsewhere. But can we just take one second and look at our babies?

Thanks, God. There is all that perspective.

And PS- why? Sin is why. Satan is why. Not God. So there's that.

"Bitter or Better"

That is the perspective that a fellow christian gave me. I can be bitter or better. I can make a difference or cry that someone else's sucked.

So, I called this morning.

I was so lucky to talk to Angie Freeman at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are starting rounds of volunteer and counseling classes, and I am enrolled.

Better. I'll be better. I have been bitter too long.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Friday, January 21, 2011

the real blog entry

So. I posted an entry on what.. Wednesday? Thursday? Either way.. Can I be honest? It was not for you to read, particularly. It was for me to write. Confused? Let me help you. It was a little fluffy. It was to distract my mind from the awful war that has been raging inside me. I have been in anguish. Literally. A detail about myself I mentioned in one of my very first posts was that I am VERY pro-life. Obsessively, emotionally, incredibly, pro-life. I am disgusted by abortion. This emotion has been ingrained in me since before I was born. Actually since I was conceived. By a mother who was 35 who got pregnant with me unplanned, and pretty much unprepared for- when she was using the contraceptive IUD. Her OB told her I would just never make it. Between her age and the complication of contraceptive- I was a lost case. And then he said if I DID make it- I'd never be "normal" (he did kinda nail that part.. But not by what he meant) He said she would be better off to abort me. Lucky for me, even 27 years ago- my Mom was pretty pro-life herself. And took a chance. Probably only because God is so gracious, I am more than fine and was even born at a whopping 10lbs. Take that, Doc-Love, God. This is what motivates my overly devout pro-lifeness. That my Mother was. Especially in the face of adversity. Can I tell you that there is NO CIRCUMSTANCE that validates abortion. There is adoption. If a women is raped.. Not the baby's fault. If it is her, or the baby- the Lord giveth and he taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.Nothing, nothing, NOTHING makes it ok to take a baby human's life. Don't think it is a baby? John the Baptist LEPT in his mother's womb at Mary's voice. God knows us before he makes us. That even goes PRIOR to conception.

I digress. My mental anguish is caused by the"Doctor"in Philadelphia who performed unsafe, unsanitary, late term baby murders and even in some cases.. Induced the Mother and then severed the baby's spinal cord with scissors. The viable baby. The breathing BABY. The FEELING BABY. The baby. The Babies. And the sicko left baby's bodies stored in the house of horror he called an office.

As I write this I am openly sobbing. It is heart wrenching for me to imagine. The babies must have suffered. The Mothers must have heard their cries! God heard their cries! God's word says if a believer continues knowingly in a sin against God that he repeatedly commits the Lord will take him out of the world to prevent him from continuing in such a mockery.

Why did God let that "doctor" live? And continue to hurt innocent babies?

I know my God is a just, and powerfully omniscent God. I know that he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.. But where is he in that?

I know these are hypothetical questions. Questions I cannot know the answers to this side of heaven.. But it has weighed heavily on my heart. God loves children more than I do.. How could he not stop this??

Praise my Lord. My sweet gracious Lord for patience with me as I work through this story.

Because as it is now-- I am wretched and wrecked with this hate in my heart for this evil "doctor" and the "mothers" who asked for him to do this to those babies. I know God holds them in his arms, now, but I am left with disgust at the horrific state of a world with a man so disgusting in it. Would you pray for me? This has affected my almost every moment since I heard about it.

Please see :
And google your local crisis pregnancy centers. I have- and am now planning to spend time praying with and helping Moms who want to do the right thing and just need help to do it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eyesight, A Renewed Heart, and a Beautiful Coat.

1. The 'new post' button is SO hard for me to find. I think it has a lot to do with it being a different color.. so for most people this would be an aid. It hinders me. I don't know why. But I cannot use that for an excuse as to why my posts are weeks (this time 1) week apart.

2. I totally dyed my hair RED. Like, as my girlfriend's dad said, Reba Red. It is kinda shocking, but red fades, so we shall all see what I end up with. I mixed it with a brown, so hopefully it will fade to an auburn, and not pink.

3. This weekend, I was LUCKY enough to be invited (shout out the Incredible Allison Carr!) to Southside Baptist Church to attend a ladies' conference. The speaker WAS AMAZING. Her name was Lara, and she did a program she wrote called "Hearts Renewed" It. Was. Awesome. I almost typed amazing again. What a gal. I want to share some pearls with you, from my notes one day soon. Someone remind me.

I follow her blog, I was SO in love with her analogies, stories, alliteration! and beautiful language. Can I tell you.. how she reads scripture, it sings. And she describes her love for scripture as a love affair. I want that!

She posted a blog about how God is very present. Everyday he provides. That reminded me that God is so gracious to me. He constantly reassures me with his presence. The questions I asked yesterday, and the requests I prayed for yesterday, he gently reminds me of his answers and assurance. I love that! I was unsure and stumbling yesterday, and sometimes, today I am stronger. But, sometimes, I have to sit at his feet and ask, "Really, Dad? Even though you protected me yesterday, you will AGAIN today?!"

Praise THE Lord. Because he will. And if he does me, in all my brokenness- he sure will cover you with his mercy and grace.

Man, that is the prettiest Coat I ever had!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

unexpected Thursday

Typically Thursdays are my least fav day of the week.I work on Th and the office stays open until 6. That last hour is by far the longest hour of the week. But, today Mom and Dad are down and out with a stomach bug. Hence, my jeans, ponytail, and leisurely 8;30 posting from my blackberry, in a rocker, rocking the Luke. Relaxation and leisure come with a price. There are a few backside details you should know.

1. I have been unreliable at work for a year and 4 months.I am actually only part time
, Now. That benefits the practice and definitely me. We could never afford full time childcare. I don't think my state of mind could afford. It either.
A. I had a difficult pregnancy and was out for a while.
B. Our loyal and wonderful, almost-a-grandmother passed away from heinous all consuming cancer- no back up sitter.
C. My parents are busy people I am privileged to have them are for my kids. When they cannot- that is that.

2. My boss dislikes me. Had he had more of a choice in the matter, I would not be his employee. I started out at this practice under another Doc- and I am very good at my job- but our personalities clash. I know that my demeanor (chatty, bubbly to annoyance) irks him. He is a very intelligent man, really great Doctor that I totally respect. But, I am who I am- and it is hard to remember to do a 180 in my personality when he is around.It almost seems dishonest. I have felt like I am borderline being fired for a while. I even took down and home all my personal effects, just in case.

3. I love my co-workers, but one of them, Katie- is first time pregnant- and the other Lyndsey has a lot on her plate. So, I know these last minute call outs burn them up.

What to do? A part of me feels guilty- but the other part of me knows these are unavoidable. I don't choose to be a flake- Pitts cannot call out because he makes 3 times the money I do and is on salary. He carries our health benefits and is second in command. At least if I got fired we could still eat. If he did- we'd beyond sink. Any thoughts? Am I as awful of a person as I feel? Maybe it is just time to resign and find other ways to make money. If we sell the house early- we will move in with my parents- then I will definitely resign. Maybe patience is the answer. With a little guilt..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wait! Don't Leave!

OK- seriously.. right under "Lose 40 pounds" is my resolution to blog more frequently. However, interestingly enough, in my hiatus- I gained 2 followers! HA!

The holidays were hectic, but amazing! There were so many things that happened, that made me think.. "I should blog that!" However.. whilst thinking it, some catastrophe would happen, or someone would need a bath, or bottle, or help with homework, or help zipping up a dress up outfit..You get the point.

So, the new year is here, and we are testing the waters to sell our beautiful home. mixed emotions, much?!

1. God will not bring me to what he can't bring me through.
(but can he take other things/people with me??)

2. I am so excited to see Brandon SO excited.

3. We are going on an adventure! With long skirts and dirty tennis shoes!

4. (God has to teach me to place less "dirty tennis shoes")

5. I will finally learn who I am without anyone to lean on! Sink or Swim!

6. I like who I am.

7. (Maybe God doesn't)

8. It is time to "Let go of the Table"

9. I love my church fam. They are more like my fam fam.

Anywho. All this we have hashed out. Let's talk about how Luke is 6 months old and sitting up! and fat! and sweet! Why didn't I relax more when Kynsi was a baby.. ? I could have had this much fun twice! I was SO worried about every little thing when she was a baby, and worried about spoiling her, and worried about over feeding her, and under feeding her, and worried about worrying too much. This is great.

Jamie Johnson is my pseudo hero. She is getting started doing all kinds of uber adorable crafts, no- not crafts, awesome projects, and I want to have one of each one. What talent! With talent like that?! I cannot imagine an end to the possibilities. She is doing capes, and tutus, and hairbows, and aprons, and nursing wraps, and pillowcase dresses, and something called a silkscarf dress that sounds like I would even want one.. I think she should work on a custom label for her amazing Creations. I. Am. A. Fan.

So, the weight loss is not going well. Everytime I cut back, I make NO milk. None. Well, usually I pump 3X a day- getting about 11-12 oz a pump. Lately. When I do the tuna/crackers lunch, or the 60/20/20 I get MAYBE 7 oz a pump. Tough times. I don't want to be overweight. I want to be the adorable gal Brandon married. But I want to do breastmilk for at least another 4-5 months. Life is tough.

For today, tell everyone you love them. Well, tell everyone you love that you love them. and Tomorrow, too. We never know how many of those we have. Or, don't have. :)