Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twin the Fish

When Mckynsi turned 3 we had just moved into our house. Like, her birthday party was an open house for all of our friends to see it. At that point- her Pappy (Pitts's Dad) gave her a fish tank with like, 5 fish. Two were identical and were both coined "Twin". Many fish have come and gone..(ha ha-sorry- bad humor) and Twin- (one of the two) has thrived. We think Twin nips at other fish. And it is no longer pretty- fish don't age well. Twin is pretty translucent and Twin is kinda ugly. (I am trying to stay away from masculine and feminine pronouns) But Twin is kicking around.

The other day it was definitely time to clean the fish tank. We kinda let this task fall to the wayside-- due to the yuckiness of it. And Twin is so resilient at this point that we can just pour in new water and Twin is fine with it. Well, Twin is a bit cranky, but I will get to that.

So whilst cleaning- I broke Ubertwitter when I was having this thought. Unrelated. But Twin is ungrateful. I cleaned Twin's tank, Twin's slimy castle and hiding spot plants, Twin's tunnel and all Twin's related items. Ew. And you know, as badly as I wanted to bleach it out- you can't do that with fish. That will ruin their day. And life.

And while I got slime on me, and had to TOUCH Twin to get Twin out of Twin's tank-- it was gross and Twin was yuck, as was Twin's things- I couldn't help but think-- follow me here-- as I swim through this world and get all the slime of sin on me, that God cleans me out- no matter how ungrateful I am all the time. If I was grateful- I'd swim above the current. I'd stay out of the muck.

But I sink, into the muck, time and again. Me and Twin- Ungrateful and sludgy- the only difference is-- it is OK for Twin.

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