Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arianna Ramirez

Arianna is 5. She lives near Memphis TN. I heard about Arianna Sunday from Joni. Joni and her family have been coming to our church- and her husband is in the military. While living on the military base near Memphis, her family met and became friends with Arianna's family. When Arianna was 3- she battled brain cancer- she was given chemo treatments and had surgery and her ATRT went into remission. On a recent scan- her Doctor confirmed her cancer is back. And this time it has spread to her spine. Arianna loves Christmas- and they are celebrating earlier this year. The prognosis has yet to be determined. And she could very well lose her sight, altogether. I ask you to pray- God is the great physician and is abilities far oversee what any Doctor has expected. Also, please pray for her to be comfortable. As a show of support- we at Calvary Baptist have put up a Christmas Tree, decorated in pink- Arianna's favorite color- and gray- the color for brain cancer awareness. If you feel led to do it- I encourage you to put your tree up. Post pics of it on Facebook to share her story. Even better- I want an outpouring of Christmas cards to be delivered to Arianna. Handmade- store bought- computer generated. I ask you to mail your cards to her. With thoughts of hope and support- prayers and love- to a girl you have never met- because she could be your daughter. She loves pink and loves to play dress up. And she has a terrible cancer. Her parents have put together a "bucket list" for her- and if your heart leads you to- send them a cash donation. In the words of her Mom- they only have one chance- let's encourage a sweet girl who is fighting a battle we cannot even comprehend.
Ari was featured on the Today Show in November of 2009
Donate online through pay-pal!

Her mailing address is 7193 Chena Bay Lane Cordova TN 38018

Please and Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little something you may NOT know about me that MAY cause you to giggle.

Ok-So seriously. I cook dinner every night. Well, most nights. Ok- nearly every night except Wednesdays. And Thursdays. And some Tuesdays.

But I do cook and do a pretty mediocre job of it. My brother thinks I am a good cook, but he still lives with my Mom- and his girlfriend is an EXCELLENT cook- and .. I digress. Some people say I am a great cook. Others, eh.

But I do misunderstand a few things about cooking. My husband and I were invited to a work party- when Dr. Stansbury was my boss. Everyone was making party things- I was asked to make a cheese dip.. (of some sort- I cannot remember) I know it called for Velveeta and at the time I thought that was just a name brand cheese. Kinda like Kraft. Or Laughing cow.. not the case. Needless to say- my dip was THICK and not too great. You could lump it on a chip, but not dip it at all.

I did it again over the 4th of July. Said brother's girlfriend has a great and easy recipe for Apple Pie. And I am such a bad listener. I did not remember what she said she used to the criss cross top so I used Fillo dough. Oops. The topping was "sheet-like" and crunch. Like a cracker. Not great.


Tag this one as "does not follow directions" :)