Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm not who I was

"I wish you could see me now, I wish I coud show you how, I'm not who I was.."

YAY!! How amazing. How BLESSED that God took WHO I was, HOW I was, When I was what I was, and TOOK me.

Praise God.


So, today I am supposed to be cleaning, getting the house ready to decorate for our last Christmas for a while in a free standing mortgage generated home.

Did you catch that?

Let's back up.

We went to West VA this weekend. Pitts LOVED ABC. I knew he would. The mountains were amazing.. how they make you feel so small. All the girls wore skirts, long one.. some with tennis shoes.. it was a reality check for me. They were less worried about what they had on and more about what the rules were. About serving God. HELL-o, Lindsay. There is a lot of me that will have to adjust. Now, obviously, I won't have to adhere to those standards unless I join Pitts at Chapel, however, that is the thing, there. OK. I digress.

Pitts does have three essays submitted for acceptance into the pastoral program- so it isn't a set in stone definite. But, from the things his student liason and admissions director said, he is as good as in. We should know shortly. Then.. house on the market. Can you pray for us?

It was a hilarious trip with the 2 kids. They both started out with a case of the sniffles on Thursday when we left, but by a good night's sleep, on Friday they were both at 100%. :)

So. I really have some cleaning to do so that we CAN decorate this weekend, AND some laundry to do- while Luke is sleeping, so this was just a short update.

with love,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am not very creative with my entry names am I?

I have fallen behind on my entries. I hate that. I love signing in and seeing a huge group of entries. It really seems like I have DONE something. Other than make a dent in my laundry. I SURE haven't done that. :)

Today is the Tuesday before our big WVa. trip. Can I tell you how terrified I am? Let's recap.

1. Our house is beautiful and I love it. It is a cozy 1400 sq. ft.(including porch) of my favorite carpet, paint, and decor. If this goes down-- it will be on the market.

2. Pitts makes more money than he has EVER made. It has been nice to put away some savings, have some things, do some things. If this goes down-- not only will he not be employed.. I won't be either, and we are signing up for 50,000 in debt with no house.

3. Have I mentioned to you that for years I drove a mustang, because I loved it? Then we had babies and I had to take over Pitts' more reliable newer car. I wasn't a fan. Then, we sold it and Pitts bought me a Lincoln LS. I love it. It has seat warmers, a sun roof, everything works and it is gloriously paid off. If this goes down-- it goes, too. As well as Pitts' truck. We will have to be a one car Family.

4. Mckynsi Lane is so comfortable here. She hasn't gone longer than a 5 day vacation without seeing her grandparents. She LOVES our neighbors, (as do I- really- fantastic people) her school, her friends, her teachers.. and If this goes down-- all new set of all of that. At 5-

5. Did I mention we will be unemployed?! Well, THAT is up in the air- if I work.. Will I have to put my 4 month old in daycare? If I don't work, how will that be? Pitts will be in school.. Where will Kynsi go to school.. all this I will learn this weekend. This isn't a proper addition to this list. 5 would go under a whole new list.


The List Of Things I Do Not Know About If This Goes Down--

(I actually had to stop for about 5 minutes and pray to God to forgive me.. he blessed me with all these things. He gave them to me. And if this is all God's will-- how dare I complain. How dare I. He is God, and if we are in his will - What is too hard for him? Nothing. So there, LP)

Back Story- Since Mckynsi's first Thanksgiving, 5 years ago- I have made Thanksgiving dinner at my house, start to finish, for 13 and LOVE it. This year- I had decided, we would forgo and spilt up Thanksgiving and just do it with my parents and just have a break. In light of the uncertainty of next year all of that is off, and we are doing Thanksgiving here. In this ouse I love, for whoever can make it. I feel like I HAVE to. And since I made that decision, I have been SO excited about it. How blessed are we?

ok- It is 10:15 and the young boy is hungry. So I humbly ask for your prayers, and hope to talk to you tomorrow. :)

with love,

Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night, my husband got his term grades in from Andersonville Theological Seminary. All those finals I was typing in paid off! (Not to mention the actual work and research he put into writing the papers, etc..) And without further ado, I present to you, straight As! :) So proud of that husband. We celebrated with a ton of laughs, hugs and shouting last night, that Kynsi loved and that terrified Luke. Good times.

Today the girls at work, and I are going to lunch at a local Italian eatery. The owners are awesome patients of ours, the Volos, two amazing loving people, who are totally Italian, and did I mention amazing? And adorable. :) Mr. V was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I am pretty devastated, if only to know that they are scared and suffering. What a thing. Please lift them up in prayer. :)

It is a beautiful day, a friend of mine from high school and his wife had a baby this morning,their third, this time a Boy! :) It is a sunny cool fall day, the leaves are beautiful and this morning was a hilarious morning in the Pitts house. Luke had a MASSIVE diaper issue and today is "Dress up Career Day" at Kynsi's school and she is (a policewoman , NO MOMMY! a firewoman, NO MOMMY) a VET! Because she loves all animals, "except when they are crocodiles". Hilarious.

So, I have on a scarf, (blue) and a babydoll cut gray short sleeved turtleneck, and feel like a whale. And as I said before, we are going to have Italian for lunch. All together now.. "Cue Waistline Expansion"

le sigh.

with love,

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I can't help but be a little giddy when a patient who has VSP vision insurance no shows for an appointment. Lame, I know, but you deal with VSP- you'd react in the same manner.

Also, this means that Katie can take back our 5:30 patient, who got here at 5pm. :) And THAT means I may get out of this office by 6pm- Thursday closing time as opposed to the 6:30 of last week because of THAT VSP patient. It is the little things, I assure you.

Last night's church "Thanksgiving Dinner" was SUCH a blast. We are currently engaged in a study of Romans, last night was Romans chapter 7-- which got really, really good (read: applicable) at the end. Luke was a bit on the fussy side, but only because I accidentally woke him up, shifting around in my chair. Luckily, we have a very understanding, and family like congregation, so no one minded me pacing with him around the fellowship hall, which is generally where we have the Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study. (I'd like Dad.. excuse me.. Pastor to do another in depth time line like study on Revelation.. we shall see.)

On Tuesday Luke had his 4 month checkup. 3 stinky old shots, he did well, I was a mess, per usual. And his general exam, all of which looked very good, except a minor left .. uh... testicle issue. In that, it isn't apparent on exam. So we are scheduled at CHKD for an appointment for ultrasound with a Urologist. There are a few ways this could play out, but they will want to move it if it has indeed just not descended. Leaving it as is could result in cancer. The body heat, apparently.  So, we are in prayer regarding the situation and we'll see what God would have us learn.

He has been very sleepy in the mornings, lately, which I am a bit of a fan of-- means he is able to sit up later in the evening, and sleeps better at night. This makes me :)

In other blog news, I now have a signature, which I love, let's see if I can get it to post.. :) I'd like to glamour up this blog-- Like my background, etc. We shall see. It is quite the accomplishment that I was able to add photos to the sidebar. I am a touch.. tech lame. I said it.

with love,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I really don't have time for this today..

But I am just bubbling over with jubilation! Wow. That even sounds corny to me. Alas, it is accurate.. so here we go. With Jubilation I transpose my surroundings.

Today is November 3rd. It is 53(ish) degrees outside, and it is the day of our church Thanksgiving dinner. We do a monthly dinner, first Wednesday of each month, and this is it! Thanksgiving themed. And I signed up for PUMPKIN PIE! I may as well have signed up for Christmas cookies! Luke is napping, I have Burle Ives jamming, and I am banging out a pumpkin pie! Spectacular! It is indeed, the begining of the Holiday Season at 32450! :)

Do you think Pitts would mind if I pulled out a decoration or two..?

Yeah, me too.

Let me be the first to extend to you, a Happy Thanksgiving! And a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas.. :)\

Now, back to "work" on my HOMEMADE pies..