Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer, summer, summertime!

I did it again. "Create Blog" instead of "New Post". Wow-o-wow.

So. Here we are again. I have a lot to catch you up on. Our family is back at square one with the moving/seminary school thing. Our renter family backed out, and I can't help but praise God-

1. It is all to his honor, anyway.
2. I love our home and our situation, so staying is not painful for me! :)
3. God's time is the best. Maybe there is a new plan that is better that we don't know!
4. I have had a blast meeting some new friends and neighbors this year through Kynsi's kindergarten year.
5. Kynsi got into the "Gifted Education" program at NES.
6. I love my parents, but now we won't be moving into their house. :)

There is a lot going on with us, as usual.

Right now we are the midst of an amazing (and exhausting) 6 night Revival at our Church with the good Dr. D.M. Hardison (seen below with 1 Kynsi Lane)

..and while it has been nothing short of awesome-- we don't finish until 9 PM(I know- as a Baptist, I am not supposed to care..) We are all tired.

Kynsi finished Kindergarten yesterday. Hooray for Summer Vaca! She graduated from Kindergarten!

So at least that pesky necessity "School" is out of the way! :)

We will have a bit of a week off- Kyns will be spending the days at a VBS at a neighborhood Church with one of her sweet girlfriends- and then! The week of the 27th, our BIG APPLE VBS week starts! :) THEN- JULY 1 is Luke's 1st Birthday- the 7th is my Dad's birthday- the 9th is my Kynsi's birthday (and the event that is the double Carnival birthday- complete with jumparoo and PONY!!) and then Mom's birthday. Whew.

All that. I insisted B and I order the party supplies and all the presents for said birthdays- to preserve my own sanity.

I am craft girl-- my fav job of VBS- so organizing all that is a trip.

That is really all! Just that.

What is YOUR fav part of VBS?