Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thumbs up Thursday

I logged on to blogger and can I say- it is amazing how God calls things to my attention- I am rejoicing- long story short- had a Luke scare last night and went to the ER- we are treating him and things are going to be fine and great- but this scare gave me a glimpse into the world of Moms who have babies that get sick.

And how wonderfully strong are they?

And how wonderfully does God equip them?

I am so wonderfully relieved --that I think I may have taken my healthy children for granted. Not anymore.

I am JOYOUS in this day that brings new mercy. I am happy over-the-top about the blessed life I have. Pitts looked at me last night in the waiting room and asked what we do if this happened to Luke and we were in Africa?

Whoa- hello Perspective. Hello, All powerful God.

SO-- thumbs up Thursday! Healthy babies are on the top of my mind now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My blog entry from yesterday disappeared.

So this one won't be as good as the real one-- but here goes!

I will start with my personal season of social network detox.

It was pretty amazing- I decided to forgo the status updates and in general random updates for additional time in the Word. How amazing was that- As opposed to checking status updates- I grabbed some Lord talk. I was up and in the word faster than you can say "facebook" :) I started a new bible study in Esther with a Beth Moore workbook and have LOVED it. I still crept up on blogger-- I have enjoyed posts too much to miss some of that goodness. And even in those- I was able to store a Word that was renewing. And in short- it helped me to concentrate on that pure something.
Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.

That thing.

Then there was Resurrection Sunday. I had so much fun at church with the whole fam and then a too-big dinner and outside time playing. Wonderful day.

Our LADIES CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING. Lara brought me so much. Like, me. Personally. I was schooled and loved EVERY second. (I have an idea about approaching another dear Sister about another day..) I spend portions of my day NOW claiming those promises. Loving them and being renewed by them.

Let's take it to church.

THERE'S NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH... (15 times.. I'll let you do that on your own.. bring it.)

And then my Mother's day- Ladies- let's hear it for the nap. And the pedicure package my Babies got me. :) Love.

And a final wrap up. The Pitts fam is still seeking to fulfill God's will for us. Whatever that may be. Pray for us? The house is still up for sale- and we are still looking and praying for a buyer. The stress is amazing- but to let it overcome us is to confess that our Lord is not mighty. And that is one thing you will never hear LPitts say.

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here it is!

Well, I know is has been too long since I posted because I couldn't find the "new post" button.

Where do I even begin?

My personal season of time off from social media was amazing. Instead of hitting the FB icon on my berry- I hit the Bible one before I got up. As opposed to checking for new statuses I checked for a new word. And I got one. It was such a wonderful break. I thought I might have had some withdrawals- but not really. The time flew by- I did miss some birthdays and some pregnancy announcements- but I had a great alone time- and spend more time in CONVERSATION with Brandon. So much so- that I think he was glad when I DID log back on and SHUT UP! :)

I did miss twitter- I tend to get my news there- I HATE to watch TV- I never seem to have time to sit down and when I do I spend the majority of it with my finger on the mute/power button to, at a moment's notice- save my children's eyes/ears. Twitter is better for me, and much better filtered. (insert plug for twitter followers)

I did cheat- and logged on here to read and occasionally comment- but it was not as consuming as usual.

We had a FANTASTIC ladies' conference. Such a rich time of worship and communing with our ladies! I couldn't BELIEVE how fast the time went by! If you are not familiar with Lara, please click You will thank me. And even subscribe to her blog posts in your email- make use of those smartphones! I am hoping to plan a smaller scale event soon, and I have an amazing women in mind.. :)

As for our family--

You know we have been in a time of transition. The house has been for sale for 2 months as we seek to discern God's will. I know- the church talk- :)- his timing is perfect. I know it is. The time in between is the hard time. I trust in his will ever faithfully- because to show doubt is to doubt his might. (I learned that fully at our conference- knowledge in action!) Please keep us in your prayers- the time is fast approaching to make a decision. We are expected to move in July 15 and he is expected in class in August. West Va is a big step for us. One that excites us- but we don't want it for ourselves unless God intends it for us.

But you know me..

Hope to hear your thoughts.