Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thumbs up Thursday

I logged on to blogger and can I say- it is amazing how God calls things to my attention- I am rejoicing- long story short- had a Luke scare last night and went to the ER- we are treating him and things are going to be fine and great- but this scare gave me a glimpse into the world of Moms who have babies that get sick.

And how wonderfully strong are they?

And how wonderfully does God equip them?

I am so wonderfully relieved --that I think I may have taken my healthy children for granted. Not anymore.

I am JOYOUS in this day that brings new mercy. I am happy over-the-top about the blessed life I have. Pitts looked at me last night in the waiting room and asked what we do if this happened to Luke and we were in Africa?

Whoa- hello Perspective. Hello, All powerful God.

SO-- thumbs up Thursday! Healthy babies are on the top of my mind now.

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  1. Great reason for a Thumbs Up! Thanks for being my first linker and I'm so happy to hear Luke is ok :)