Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here it is!

Well, I know is has been too long since I posted because I couldn't find the "new post" button.

Where do I even begin?

My personal season of time off from social media was amazing. Instead of hitting the FB icon on my berry- I hit the Bible one before I got up. As opposed to checking for new statuses I checked for a new word. And I got one. It was such a wonderful break. I thought I might have had some withdrawals- but not really. The time flew by- I did miss some birthdays and some pregnancy announcements- but I had a great alone time- and spend more time in CONVERSATION with Brandon. So much so- that I think he was glad when I DID log back on and SHUT UP! :)

I did miss twitter- I tend to get my news there- I HATE to watch TV- I never seem to have time to sit down and when I do I spend the majority of it with my finger on the mute/power button to, at a moment's notice- save my children's eyes/ears. Twitter is better for me, and much better filtered. (insert plug for twitter followers)

I did cheat- and logged on here to read and occasionally comment- but it was not as consuming as usual.

We had a FANTASTIC ladies' conference. Such a rich time of worship and communing with our ladies! I couldn't BELIEVE how fast the time went by! If you are not familiar with Lara, please click You will thank me. And even subscribe to her blog posts in your email- make use of those smartphones! I am hoping to plan a smaller scale event soon, and I have an amazing women in mind.. :)

As for our family--

You know we have been in a time of transition. The house has been for sale for 2 months as we seek to discern God's will. I know- the church talk- :)- his timing is perfect. I know it is. The time in between is the hard time. I trust in his will ever faithfully- because to show doubt is to doubt his might. (I learned that fully at our conference- knowledge in action!) Please keep us in your prayers- the time is fast approaching to make a decision. We are expected to move in July 15 and he is expected in class in August. West Va is a big step for us. One that excites us- but we don't want it for ourselves unless God intends it for us.

But you know me..

Hope to hear your thoughts.

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