Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night, my husband got his term grades in from Andersonville Theological Seminary. All those finals I was typing in paid off! (Not to mention the actual work and research he put into writing the papers, etc..) And without further ado, I present to you, straight As! :) So proud of that husband. We celebrated with a ton of laughs, hugs and shouting last night, that Kynsi loved and that terrified Luke. Good times.

Today the girls at work, and I are going to lunch at a local Italian eatery. The owners are awesome patients of ours, the Volos, two amazing loving people, who are totally Italian, and did I mention amazing? And adorable. :) Mr. V was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I am pretty devastated, if only to know that they are scared and suffering. What a thing. Please lift them up in prayer. :)

It is a beautiful day, a friend of mine from high school and his wife had a baby this morning,their third, this time a Boy! :) It is a sunny cool fall day, the leaves are beautiful and this morning was a hilarious morning in the Pitts house. Luke had a MASSIVE diaper issue and today is "Dress up Career Day" at Kynsi's school and she is (a policewoman , NO MOMMY! a firewoman, NO MOMMY) a VET! Because she loves all animals, "except when they are crocodiles". Hilarious.

So, I have on a scarf, (blue) and a babydoll cut gray short sleeved turtleneck, and feel like a whale. And as I said before, we are going to have Italian for lunch. All together now.. "Cue Waistline Expansion"

le sigh.

with love,

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