Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am not very creative with my entry names am I?

I have fallen behind on my entries. I hate that. I love signing in and seeing a huge group of entries. It really seems like I have DONE something. Other than make a dent in my laundry. I SURE haven't done that. :)

Today is the Tuesday before our big WVa. trip. Can I tell you how terrified I am? Let's recap.

1. Our house is beautiful and I love it. It is a cozy 1400 sq. ft.(including porch) of my favorite carpet, paint, and decor. If this goes down-- it will be on the market.

2. Pitts makes more money than he has EVER made. It has been nice to put away some savings, have some things, do some things. If this goes down-- not only will he not be employed.. I won't be either, and we are signing up for 50,000 in debt with no house.

3. Have I mentioned to you that for years I drove a mustang, because I loved it? Then we had babies and I had to take over Pitts' more reliable newer car. I wasn't a fan. Then, we sold it and Pitts bought me a Lincoln LS. I love it. It has seat warmers, a sun roof, everything works and it is gloriously paid off. If this goes down-- it goes, too. As well as Pitts' truck. We will have to be a one car Family.

4. Mckynsi Lane is so comfortable here. She hasn't gone longer than a 5 day vacation without seeing her grandparents. She LOVES our neighbors, (as do I- really- fantastic people) her school, her friends, her teachers.. and If this goes down-- all new set of all of that. At 5-

5. Did I mention we will be unemployed?! Well, THAT is up in the air- if I work.. Will I have to put my 4 month old in daycare? If I don't work, how will that be? Pitts will be in school.. Where will Kynsi go to school.. all this I will learn this weekend. This isn't a proper addition to this list. 5 would go under a whole new list.


The List Of Things I Do Not Know About If This Goes Down--

(I actually had to stop for about 5 minutes and pray to God to forgive me.. he blessed me with all these things. He gave them to me. And if this is all God's will-- how dare I complain. How dare I. He is God, and if we are in his will - What is too hard for him? Nothing. So there, LP)

Back Story- Since Mckynsi's first Thanksgiving, 5 years ago- I have made Thanksgiving dinner at my house, start to finish, for 13 and LOVE it. This year- I had decided, we would forgo and spilt up Thanksgiving and just do it with my parents and just have a break. In light of the uncertainty of next year all of that is off, and we are doing Thanksgiving here. In this ouse I love, for whoever can make it. I feel like I HAVE to. And since I made that decision, I have been SO excited about it. How blessed are we?

ok- It is 10:15 and the young boy is hungry. So I humbly ask for your prayers, and hope to talk to you tomorrow. :)

with love,

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