Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm not who I was

"I wish you could see me now, I wish I coud show you how, I'm not who I was.."

YAY!! How amazing. How BLESSED that God took WHO I was, HOW I was, When I was what I was, and TOOK me.

Praise God.


So, today I am supposed to be cleaning, getting the house ready to decorate for our last Christmas for a while in a free standing mortgage generated home.

Did you catch that?

Let's back up.

We went to West VA this weekend. Pitts LOVED ABC. I knew he would. The mountains were amazing.. how they make you feel so small. All the girls wore skirts, long one.. some with tennis shoes.. it was a reality check for me. They were less worried about what they had on and more about what the rules were. About serving God. HELL-o, Lindsay. There is a lot of me that will have to adjust. Now, obviously, I won't have to adhere to those standards unless I join Pitts at Chapel, however, that is the thing, there. OK. I digress.

Pitts does have three essays submitted for acceptance into the pastoral program- so it isn't a set in stone definite. But, from the things his student liason and admissions director said, he is as good as in. We should know shortly. Then.. house on the market. Can you pray for us?

It was a hilarious trip with the 2 kids. They both started out with a case of the sniffles on Thursday when we left, but by a good night's sleep, on Friday they were both at 100%. :)

So. I really have some cleaning to do so that we CAN decorate this weekend, AND some laundry to do- while Luke is sleeping, so this was just a short update.

with love,

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