Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arianna Ramirez

Arianna is 5. She lives near Memphis TN. I heard about Arianna Sunday from Joni. Joni and her family have been coming to our church- and her husband is in the military. While living on the military base near Memphis, her family met and became friends with Arianna's family. When Arianna was 3- she battled brain cancer- she was given chemo treatments and had surgery and her ATRT went into remission. On a recent scan- her Doctor confirmed her cancer is back. And this time it has spread to her spine. Arianna loves Christmas- and they are celebrating earlier this year. The prognosis has yet to be determined. And she could very well lose her sight, altogether. I ask you to pray- God is the great physician and is abilities far oversee what any Doctor has expected. Also, please pray for her to be comfortable. As a show of support- we at Calvary Baptist have put up a Christmas Tree, decorated in pink- Arianna's favorite color- and gray- the color for brain cancer awareness. If you feel led to do it- I encourage you to put your tree up. Post pics of it on Facebook to share her story. Even better- I want an outpouring of Christmas cards to be delivered to Arianna. Handmade- store bought- computer generated. I ask you to mail your cards to her. With thoughts of hope and support- prayers and love- to a girl you have never met- because she could be your daughter. She loves pink and loves to play dress up. And she has a terrible cancer. Her parents have put together a "bucket list" for her- and if your heart leads you to- send them a cash donation. In the words of her Mom- they only have one chance- let's encourage a sweet girl who is fighting a battle we cannot even comprehend.
Ari was featured on the Today Show in November of 2009
Donate online through pay-pal!

Her mailing address is 7193 Chena Bay Lane Cordova TN 38018

Please and Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart.


  1. Hey girl, I love your profile, you are so honest about your struggles in life, and who you want to be, I find that to be so AWESOME. I noticed you were my newest follower, and wanted to come see your blog!!

    I heard about Arianna on Monday from a friend, and have been in a state of sadness ever since. I just HATE cancer, and all kinds of childhood illness and suffering. I feel so helpless, and wish I could do more to help the family, and this sweet princess. I hope that they make as many beautiful memories with her as possible, and my heart goes out to them, and all families dealing with this horrible thing, called cancer.

    Thanks for spreading the word about this sweet princess.

    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Hugs, Bella :)
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  2. Thanks Bella! I was googling Arianna to show the Today segment to a coworker and came across your blog. :) I borrowed the pics and was inspired by your post after I read it. Thanks so much for calling attention to this amazing girl. :) I look forward to enjoying your blog.