Friday, February 11, 2011

Look what I can do/When did that building fall down?

I found the new post button with relative ease!

How easily I can be discouraged! Glad Paul had Silas and not LP in jail.


haha! I posted a pic. And I love that one. I may do the pics more often. I digress.

I love to plan. And I love lists. But when I write these things, I write them with pen. (this is kinda an analogy) And I should write them with pencil. One that has a huge eraser. And I need to work on growing my faith! Isn't that the root of discouragement? No faith?!


Be prepared. This one will make you crazy.

We live in a deeply rural area. So rural- that is is past the rural area close to us. There are lots of fields, houses barns, that have been long since abandoned. When we get ready for church- it is a PROCESS. So about the first 15 minutes of our 40 minute ride to church- I stare. Out my window and unwind. Prepare. Veg- whatever you want to call it. Quiet time. Off in the distance I always see a barn. Traditional in shape- and when my mind wanders, I think about the barn. how did it get abandoned? What's the story? This has been a focal point for me for about 2 years. Last weekend- as we passed by it- I realize. One side of the barn has collapsed. Demolished. History. El Fin. What happened? It happened SO SUDDENLY!

But- it didn't.

That barn had been rotting for a while. From the inside out- it probably started with an innocent rainstorm. Some sun- some time went by- with no repair- probably rained again- then, maybe some snow accumulated on the roof, probably- some more rain. Maybe- a really harsh hot, dry summer. Some more rain, a little more snow. Maybe a rainstorm- still no repair- small mundane things, and then years of that and BAM.

There goes the barn.

What am I neglecting in my life? Slowly? Not noticeable on a daily basis.. What is slipping by? What is ignored and rotting away? What is not cultivated? What is not nurtured and protected? What is slipping by me? What is pushed off to the side to be picked up another time? Or not..?

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