Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitter or Better

Boy, was I ever down last time we talked.. God threw me a lifeline.

Praise God, huh? I don't think you, I or my husband could have taken anymore of that "Why God?" stuff.

More like.. Why not, God? -- Why doesn't it happen more prevalently? God is so good, is why. I am not downplaying or pretending it doesn't happen elsewhere. But can we just take one second and look at our babies?

Thanks, God. There is all that perspective.

And PS- why? Sin is why. Satan is why. Not God. So there's that.

"Bitter or Better"

That is the perspective that a fellow christian gave me. I can be bitter or better. I can make a difference or cry that someone else's sucked.

So, I called this morning.

I was so lucky to talk to Angie Freeman at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are starting rounds of volunteer and counseling classes, and I am enrolled.

Better. I'll be better. I have been bitter too long.

Can I get an AMEN?!

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