Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eyesight, A Renewed Heart, and a Beautiful Coat.

1. The 'new post' button is SO hard for me to find. I think it has a lot to do with it being a different color.. so for most people this would be an aid. It hinders me. I don't know why. But I cannot use that for an excuse as to why my posts are weeks (this time 1) week apart.

2. I totally dyed my hair RED. Like, as my girlfriend's dad said, Reba Red. It is kinda shocking, but red fades, so we shall all see what I end up with. I mixed it with a brown, so hopefully it will fade to an auburn, and not pink.

3. This weekend, I was LUCKY enough to be invited (shout out the Incredible Allison Carr!) to Southside Baptist Church to attend a ladies' conference. The speaker WAS AMAZING. Her name was Lara, and she did a program she wrote called "Hearts Renewed" It. Was. Awesome. I almost typed amazing again. What a gal. I want to share some pearls with you, from my notes one day soon. Someone remind me.

I follow her blog, I was SO in love with her analogies, stories, alliteration! and beautiful language. Can I tell you.. how she reads scripture, it sings. And she describes her love for scripture as a love affair. I want that!

She posted a blog about how God is very present. Everyday he provides. That reminded me that God is so gracious to me. He constantly reassures me with his presence. The questions I asked yesterday, and the requests I prayed for yesterday, he gently reminds me of his answers and assurance. I love that! I was unsure and stumbling yesterday, and sometimes, today I am stronger. But, sometimes, I have to sit at his feet and ask, "Really, Dad? Even though you protected me yesterday, you will AGAIN today?!"

Praise THE Lord. Because he will. And if he does me, in all my brokenness- he sure will cover you with his mercy and grace.

Man, that is the prettiest Coat I ever had!

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