Monday, January 10, 2011

Wait! Don't Leave!

OK- seriously.. right under "Lose 40 pounds" is my resolution to blog more frequently. However, interestingly enough, in my hiatus- I gained 2 followers! HA!

The holidays were hectic, but amazing! There were so many things that happened, that made me think.. "I should blog that!" However.. whilst thinking it, some catastrophe would happen, or someone would need a bath, or bottle, or help with homework, or help zipping up a dress up outfit..You get the point.

So, the new year is here, and we are testing the waters to sell our beautiful home. mixed emotions, much?!

1. God will not bring me to what he can't bring me through.
(but can he take other things/people with me??)

2. I am so excited to see Brandon SO excited.

3. We are going on an adventure! With long skirts and dirty tennis shoes!

4. (God has to teach me to place less "dirty tennis shoes")

5. I will finally learn who I am without anyone to lean on! Sink or Swim!

6. I like who I am.

7. (Maybe God doesn't)

8. It is time to "Let go of the Table"

9. I love my church fam. They are more like my fam fam.

Anywho. All this we have hashed out. Let's talk about how Luke is 6 months old and sitting up! and fat! and sweet! Why didn't I relax more when Kynsi was a baby.. ? I could have had this much fun twice! I was SO worried about every little thing when she was a baby, and worried about spoiling her, and worried about over feeding her, and under feeding her, and worried about worrying too much. This is great.

Jamie Johnson is my pseudo hero. She is getting started doing all kinds of uber adorable crafts, no- not crafts, awesome projects, and I want to have one of each one. What talent! With talent like that?! I cannot imagine an end to the possibilities. She is doing capes, and tutus, and hairbows, and aprons, and nursing wraps, and pillowcase dresses, and something called a silkscarf dress that sounds like I would even want one.. I think she should work on a custom label for her amazing Creations. I. Am. A. Fan.

So, the weight loss is not going well. Everytime I cut back, I make NO milk. None. Well, usually I pump 3X a day- getting about 11-12 oz a pump. Lately. When I do the tuna/crackers lunch, or the 60/20/20 I get MAYBE 7 oz a pump. Tough times. I don't want to be overweight. I want to be the adorable gal Brandon married. But I want to do breastmilk for at least another 4-5 months. Life is tough.

For today, tell everyone you love them. Well, tell everyone you love that you love them. and Tomorrow, too. We never know how many of those we have. Or, don't have. :)

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