Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merriest of Christmases!

Don't be worried!! I am OK!

However, I HAVE become the world's lamest blogger.


(however, as opposed to the boredness that is what I write, you MAY prefer the silence. I digress)

It is Christmas Eve Eve!

It has been sooo busy, what with all the prep and programs, and millions of things Kyns had going on with school, and all that is a kindergarten Christmas. She actually missed her last 2 days of school because of a snow event. It was like 2 inches, but here in southeast VA that IS an event!

This year I did almost all my shopping online on Cyber Monday. (Does that sound creepy to anyone else? .. maybe) Between Target and Amazon I did pretty well. Target gave me a bit of a headache by sending me emails regarding a few bargains that ended up out of stock and unavail.. and then some that were set to ship nail bitingly late. But, it was MUCH better than dragging out a 5 year old and a 5 month old and driving an hour out to get caught up in the mix of a crowd. So, I'll take it. :)

Luke is 5 months old, and rolling everywhere! And he is SO close to sitting up unassisted. He can do it on the floor, but not somewhere soft like the bed. And is adorable. If you know how I can post a video, let me know. His laugh is ah May Zing. And only his sister can get him going good. In Example, the other night, making oreo truffles, he was in his bumbo and she was dancing on the kitchen floor. Hilarious.

See all the nothing I am talking about.. to avoid talking about the what I am talking about. (did you get that?)

B got into the Pastoral program.

House on the market January 1.


Like, I said. Merry Christmas!


  1. My grandaughter and your little Luke are about the same age. He is adorable. Both of your kids are.

    Good luck on the house sale and the life changes! What an adventure!

  2. I was thinking of getting a 40 foot motor home but then decided that why waste all that money traveling myself around when i could just use it to get 5 star hotel rooms at the golf clubs i be going to to play in the summer. What do you think?