Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And finally.


Thanksgiving was amazing.

I nailed the turkey. The biggest one EVER. and all the Thanksgiving ETC was good as well. The fam was there, minus the Father in law and stepmother in law. Missed those two! And of course we ate too much, the kids got too spoiled and then there was a nap. Legendary Thanksgiving day.

We are SO blessed.

Still no official word from ABC but B talked to the student liaison we have been in contact with and he said he thinks we will have the initial acceptance in the next week.


Initial Acceptance Defined- Acceptance pending vaccinations and deposit.

Double Eek.

So I am glad we talked Pitts into Christmas decorating early since we are pretty positive this whole thing will come into fruition. Back to work, today. I love my coworkers- they really make me smile.

Not as much as Mckynsi.

She went to the Santa Shop at school yesterday and came home with all sorts of thoughtful fodder. I love that kid. Much like her Mother, it kills her to keep a surprise a secret so we all got our sweet gifts last night. I got a bracelet with a heart that has a frazzled angel on it. And a pencil that smells like cinnamon. I am the luckiest Mom. Ever.

We went to Williamsburg on Friday. We stayed with some friends. As usual, Williamsburg was beautiful and we took the ferry-- always so fun. The only sad part o the holiday was the loss of our Nanny Peggy.

She lost her battle with cancer and is now at home with our savior. So happy/sad. Kyns is taking it a bit hard, but we are making it.

It seems like there was SO much I wanted to update you on.. but I guess I can catch up when I remember. Hope you are well, also.

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