Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, I am growing roses in the kitchen

I typically am by the book on my grocery lists. "We need bleach wipes, skim milk, shampoo, bananas.." you know.. to the letter.

Well, on Saturday they had beautiful parade roses with a tiny trellis in the fruit section. They were tiny and yellow and I could just imagine them brightening up my mornings in the cold winter. Oh, roses, I have a beautiful rosebush outside that wraps the porch, it is divine and always blooms on Mother's day. I am the small annual outside plant Queen.

I don't want to talk about the Mandevilla incident.

So, I go ahead and splurge the 6.99 or whatever they were and take it home. Well, it needs sun, no drafts and a typical temp around 70-72. Done! But it is slowly wilting and dying! I am cautious with the water, and attention, but I suppose it does have a draft issue.  But it needs a window, so as a side bonus I intend to update you on the rose. You'll just love it.

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