Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nobody's perfect, Big Pray, Skinny jeans and Jeremy Camp

I am having a problem recognizing the plank in my eye. You know, not literally- because I work in the optometry field, but the biblical plank. I am having trouble recognizing that other people's decisions, problems, lives, are not up to me to validate or pass judgment on.  I know I have issues to work on... (this being a major one!) and that should be my main focal point. Can I ask-- how do I let ridiculous (see, there I go again) things happen around me and not let it affect my view of the people doing them? Prayer, yes. I think God is tired of me praying for myself on that one. :)

Today is a day of testing. It is a long Thursday at work, Luke is fussy, (with my Mother) I forgot my pump at home, and I am struggling with internal issues. And, and and.. I forgot my lunch at home. :(  I know where it is coming from. Pitts and I are pretty deep in prayer about this whole West Virginia Bible School/Sell your life/pack it all up and move "thing". Pitts is fasting- I am just.. praying fervently, and hoping it is righteous, effectual and will avail much. :)

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. Pitts and I are so blessed to still be so overly sickening, totally in love. And my wonderful husband surprised me with tickets to a Jeremy Camp concert in Virginia Beach this Saturday. I am so excited. First REAL date in over 6 months. It is SO time. :) I called my stylish awesome girlfriend and begged rights to her wardrobe so I can pull together something he hasn't seen me in a thousand times.. thankfully, she obliged. Looks like a fantastic weekend.

Then, we'll have a free weekend.. (psht!) and THEN is the big visit trip to WVa.-- Pray and Leave it with God, girl. (there is another issue to work with..)

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