Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh yeah! The Walk.. and oh no.. the new diet.

The Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure was amazing! It was freezing cold.. Well, maybe freezing is an exaggeration.. but it was a blustery 54 at the beach. The feeling was incredible.. I walked beside a lady who was walking "In Honor" of herself, with stage 4 breast cancer. Wow. There was a ton of people there, we walked up and made a loop and came back down the boardwalk- and coming back--seeing the sea of pink walking was such a great feeling of camaraderie.  We weren't the last to finish- but the 5k took us an hour and 10 minutes.. about 23 minutes a mile. Not great, but not bad. Hoping to fine tune that time.. Which I'll expound on shortly. (pound.. lol)

I walked with a great crew- but we got separated- and much of the time it was just me and Crystal- a friend that I have been lucky to have in my life for about 15 years now. We have kids about the same age- she lives about 40 minutes away-- Kyns and her Gav are BFFs also. We don't get a chance to spend a lot of time together, but it is always quality. And the walk was not an exception. We had a real heart to heart, about life, about religion, or as I consider it, my relationship. It was really wonderful. I have signed up for Crystal's relay for life team also. I love this walk thing. :)

On other note..


Current weight, and I am a mere 5'4- so all that equals really pudgy. Especially, ESPECIALLY around the middle. You know.. where the baby was (validation) 4 months ago. (reality) Yikes. Basically- I am looking to lose 30lbs- whist breastfeeding. So this could be an excruciatingly slow process. From what I understand, I am to get rid of 500 calories from producing, excreting milk-  as an average (that no one is really sure of)-- Based on the Harris-Benedict model equation.

Age: 27
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 160 pounds
Activity Level: Sedentary (Little Exercise)
Gender: female
Calories burned per day: 1821

Based on your age, height, sex and activity level, this calorie calculator will estimate the number of calories you need to eat on a daily basis to maintain, gain or lose weight.

Adding in the pumping, producing we are going to say I am burning 2321 calories a day. As an average. The lactation lady at Sentara said (when my production levels were low) I needed 3200 calories a day to produce enough for Luke.

So- I think we can see HOW I got in this mess. Now how to get out?

Remember that friend I mentioned in a previous blog that was going to help me with a stunning outfit to wear for my anniversary date? THAT very same friend, the amazing Jamie- will be helping me initiate a workout schedule. Yay. A workout buddy. A good first step.

So- 3 questions.

1.) Will my production drop if I cut back calories?

2.) How much and what should I be working out? like.. abs? I need abs..

3.) What should I be eating..?

I am hungry,

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