Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Standard Pittionary.

This is a simple dictionary of terms and people I will refer to, and do constantly throughout our blog relationship. Please refer to as necessary. :) It is NOT alphabetized. Don't expect so much.

Laughing: is necessary. Way more than breathing.

Television: I hate all the negativity it spouts. Ugh.

Nutella: sad addiction

Diet and Exercise: they go together. and I avoid both but seriously need to do them more.

Sunglasses: I always wear. It is a occupational hazard. See Also: Eyeglasses

Jessie: refers to my bag. I loves Jessica Simpson purses and am an avid collector. 

Kindle: I use and LOVE. It's my favorite.

Abortion: Against- and I don't want to talk about it. Except when I bring it up.

Republican: See that I am.

Working: 1/2 day W, Th and Fr. Part time. Eek.

Breastfeeding: I pump. 

Boss: less than perfect relationship with. He gives no credit, and I deserve it.

Psht: Sarcastic less than blow off.

Job: Measure for lenses, pick out frames with patient.

Mom: complicated need relationship.

Dad: Independent Baptist Preacher. See also: Husband.

Husband: B, Pitts, Brandon. Perfect, literally. Like, as a person. It is hard. Reformed partier, enthusiastic Christian. Made the switch, easy, successful.

Mckynsi: Mc, Kyns, Kynsi- Child number 1- is perfect, learning to read, hilarious personality, smothered by Me. Don't talk to me about it.

Luke: Child 2 - too new for nicknames. Now sleeps through the night, product of a difficultly strange pregnancy.

Katie and Lyndsey: Coworkers. I love to engage them in senseless photo shoots.

Addition 10/12/10

we live in Ivor. It is country and takes us an hour to get anywhere.

I like to pronounce H's in front of words. It is breathy and fun.

Mckynsi IS perfect. (except she gave herself a haircut in my Dad's office last week and now has bangs.)

I like to spontaneously sing. Badly,

I like to make games out of plain things.

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