Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Aren't we serving the Lord?!"

On Tuesday night we had a Ladies' meeting. After a day of work- (Boss's belittlement, impatient patients, and it was a fat day) rushing home to make dinner, the debate over whether Kynsi should stay out late enough to go, finding something I felt less fat in- my heart wasn't in the best condition to go to the meeting. However, I pulled it all together and out we went. (Notice 'We' -- who's the best debater?)

Typically- at a ladies' meeting, I am first in line with the goodies. (cue waistline expansion) Tuesday, I had an agenda. Children's Church. Here are somethings you should know about our Church.

  • Calvary Baptist Missionary was once a thriving bustling center of activities. Awanas, etc. The way I understand it, is through a series of less than savory Pastors-- it declined to fewer members. Much. So we have a big facility, including a massive Gym- a "    "  (I can't think of the name of an accomodation for missionaries to sleep in) a  large sanctuary, a soundroom, 2 small nurseries, a herd of Sunday School rooms, a kitchen.. on and on.
  • After the "split"  we were left with a lot of older members and very little teens or youth of any kind. Since, there has been a bit of a boom. We now have 2 teens, and a Young Adult Sunday school class (which Pitts and Brian teach- they are seminary together) that has 9 on a good day. 
  • As a result of the young adults' we have had a bit of a baby boom. 3 infants, 2 toddlers, and 2 young girls. 
  So, I decided we were dealing with a bit of a chicken and egg issue. We NEED to grow the church. We need some more young adults. With young adults, typically will come more children. More children mean Children's Church. Young Adults need programs to enrich the experience for children. So do we orchestrate a program for our few? Or do we wait til we have kids to start. My thinking is- we need the program to get the kids.  Which brings me full circle to Tuesday.

Not in the best condition, heart-speaking- I needed some praying to get right. And a deep breath. So with both of those having been accomplished, I went at 10 older christian ladies with my shallow ideas. Success. I was so proud of me. Now- I have the opportunity to sink or swim. Let's see where we go with us. Shout out a prayer to our Father when you have a chance. Because what am I thinking?

Wednesday was a typical Wednesday- made dinner rushed to church, Good service- Luke was a bit fretful- Kyns had a blast in the Wednesday night Kids' class.On the way home, Pitts and I are discussing life and how I am trying to occupy the kids pretty solely for him to be freed up to study, etc. When we come across the topic of serving God. He is concerned that seminary through correspondence school is doing this halfway. He feels called to be in school full time.


Only because it makes me nervous. Change as a whole makes me nervous. Selling our house and moving to W.Va. makes me nervous, A new place away from my parents, new schools, new people, selling our house.. (did I say that?) makes me nervous. This is only the beginning. We are praying, (and covet yours) and visiting, and in general, just musing about how this would all go down.

And no.. this is not a way to get me out of organizing a Children's Church.


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